What is the cost for a video?


Purchasing video services is much like purchasing a car.  A car can cost $20,000 with no options added and the same car can cost $40,000 if a shopper adds options such as leather upholstery, power windows, custom sound system,  4 wheel drive, etc. The reason why many shoppers get these options the first time is because most people understand the importance of not having any regrets down the road.  

These same principles apply to hiring a video production company.  Options that can impact costs for videos can include number of filming days and interviews, specialized equipment such as drones or steadicams and talent fees if hiring actors is required for the project.  With so many different options available, the price for a video can vary drastically. Unfortunately,  some people only focus on the initial price of the video with the goal of finding the cheapest company,  therefore sacrificing strategic planning and production quality. This can inevitably lead to regret, regret that can be enormous if you distribute a video that reflects poorly on your brand.

The Importance of Planning When It Comes to Video

Before you spend a cent on doing a video, it’s best to spend some time doing strategic planning.  The better video production companies offer video blueprint workshops. A well done workshop will give you clarity about  who your audience is, your goals, the type of content that needs to be created, how the video will be distributed, the most important production components to consider and how to get a good return on investment. The worst thing someone can do is start haphazardly filming things without a strategic plan. Good production companies  have a clear plan in place to help you accomplish your objectives before they take out their cameras. The Moji Cinema video blueprint workshop is $495 and with this fee, you will be given a complete blueprint for your next video project including storyboards and keywords to guide the project forward. If you choose to use Moji Cinema as your production company, that fee will be applied towards production costs.

Storybrand Marketing Videos - Starting at $1,495

A Storybrand marketing video powerfully tells the story of how you helped one of your raving fans solve a difficult problem and because of you, they experienced great success and avoided painful failure. The format of this video is based upon the best selling book, Building A Story Brand, by Donald Miller. The baseline price of $1,495 includes a half day of filming at one location and one round of revisions. Extra fees can apply for the use of specialized equipment (such as a drone) or for shooting at additional locations.

About Us Videos - Starting at $2,995

About Us Videos tell the more in depth story about your brand and why you do what you do.  About Us Videos are typically three to seven minutes in length and are designed to position you as the expert in your field.   This video includes an in depth video blueprint workshop to uncover the components of your story that will resonate with your target audience.  An itemized price quote with a high, medium and low option is then provided to you based upon your goals and budget range. Again, video project costs can vary widely, so a good video production company will give you choices and let you decide on an approach that is the best fit for you.

HR Videos - Recruitment and Training - Starting at $1,995

Videos can be highly effective tools for HR purposes.  A good recruitment video can help you land desired employees in highly competitive fields. Good training videos can accelerate the process for employees to become productive. Good video production companies will help you explore your goals and devise a video content strategy that will help you reduce costs and bring a positive return on investment. They then can give you an itemized price quote with a high, medium and low option based upon your goals and budget range.

Annual Contracts

The best video production companies are not only well versed in the technical aspects of video production, but also in the art and science of  storytelling and how to distribute and optimize your videos to help accomplish your strategic objectives.

Moji Cinema has a commercial rate of $200 per hour for a cinematographer or editor, but when a client enters into an annual agreement with Moji Cinema, we give a discounted hourly rate that is part of an overall video content strategic plan. Rates can drop as low as $125 for contracts exceeding $20,000 per year and the contract price is split into 12 monthly payments.

Clearly, there are many different options available when you are looking to produce video marketing content. Here at Moji Cinema, our job is to create the right type of video that will solve your problem and get you the stellar results you’ve been looking for. Please contact us to schedule a No Cost, No Obligation Discovery meeting and we can get started today!

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