How long does it take to create a video?

Clients often ask how long the video creation process will take from beginning to end. Unfortunately, there is no simple, one-size-fits-all, answer when it comes to video production.

Completion time varies based on a number of factors including: availability, responsiveness, and complexity.

Availability is paramount in how long a video will take to create as it relies on both the production company and the client being able to meet (usually face-to-face). It’s not helpful if you’re free next week but we’re already booked! We know that video projects can often be time-sensitive so, when scheduling our initial discovery meeting, we will find the earliest common date/time to meet and begin discussing your story, our process, and the next steps. When we are ready to begin filming we, once again, must find a common date/time to film interviews and B-Roll (which could span several days). A mutual understanding that both client and production studio are scheduling their time as efficiently as possible will drastically decrease the amount of time a project will take.

Responsiveness is often overlooked, and can lead to feelings that a client or production studio is not important or worthy of time. In order to provide the best possible customer service, we always try to respond to emails and calls promptly, within 24hrs at the latest. This keeps the project moving at a steady pace and keeps everyone on the same page. Whether the client is calling simply to check in, to confirm that a location is available, seeking clarification on a section in the video blueprint, or seeking out a project for the first time, a quick reply keeps the wheels running. 

That being said, responsiveness is a two-sided coin and the client is expected to be responsive as well. Often, the project cannot continue without confirmation from the client on a specific location, delivery of old photographs, or feedback on the rough cut. Day-to-day operations can be busy, and we understand that. In order to keep a project moving efficiently, we ask the clients respond as quickly as possible, within a week’s time, or a project begins to slow and grow dormant. We want to be able to share your story just as much as you do, but both parties must be communicating well in order to see it through in a timely manner.

The final piece that affects completion time is complexity. A project's complexity, be it from additional cameras, multiple shoot days/locations, and number of interviews can increase completion time very quickly. Often, the most time-consuming aspect of a project is the post-production (editing, color grade, and finalizing audio). Any added piece can add hours to a film’s post-production, which is why we always try to ensure that each piece fits nicely during the pre-production phase. We don’t want to add an additional interview or location if it doesn’t affect the overall story, especially since that will add time to the edit and delay the project’s completion date. Proper pre-production can drastically improve a film’s completion time and keeps every aspect of the process efficient and cost effective for everyone involved!

Overall, a general timeline would include approximately 2 weeks between the original shoot and the delivery of the audio/rough cut and another 2 weeks from feedback to final product delivery

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