What if i'm not happy with how I look?

Appearances are important when it comes to film. Dressing in a way that fits your position, whether that be clean doctors scrubs or mechanic’s overall can bring the viewer deeper into the film and portray a feeling of professionalism and realism. If you look out of place (a dirty, wrinkly shirt on a lawyer for example), the audience can feel a disconnect and they may immediately tune out. We do our best to be thinking about these things when we’re shooting but, often, our minds are more occupied with lighting, camera angles, and sound quality. As a result, the client should always do their best to dress in a manner befitting the fim and the keywords. This goes for any employees or additional helpers who may be on camera. We ask that the client ensures that their attire is proper before cameras begin rolling.

If, during the feedback phase, the client decides that their clothing is unacceptable or that there is a detail such as a wrinkly shirt or an unkempt beard that is unbefitting of the film’s desired theme, we will do our best to work around it (if it’s a minor thing) or we may have to reshoot.

Reshooting, however, is time and labor consuming. It will cost additional shoot and editing days and could disrupt the flow of the film. It is paramount that the client be aware of how best to present themselves according to the film’s scope and keywords before cameras begin rolling.

Moji Cinema