Marketing Strategies for Locally Owned Businesses

Marketing For Local Businesses: A Podcast Interview with Moji Cinema's Paul Jew

  • Paul Jew

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In this podcast episode, join me, Paul Jew, as I delve into the journey that led me from a professional photography background to the realm of video production. Embarking on this path, I founded Moji Studios back in the early 2000s, eventually pivoting towards video production about a decade ago. Along this transformative journey, I discovered a profound passion for storytelling, reveling in the art of crafting compelling narratives through video content for both companies and nonprofits alike.

My focus primarily revolves around championing locally owned businesses in the vibrant community of Albuquerque. Through an initiative I spearheaded called ABQ Iconic, I've made it my mission to illuminate the narratives of these businesses, bringing their stories to life through the power of video.

In the realm of marketing, I've adopted a multifaceted approach, leveraging platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, alongside strategic email campaigns. However, what truly sets our marketing strategy apart is our integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools. These tools enable us to meticulously craft audience personas for our clients, empowering us to tailor our content and campaigns with unparalleled precision.

Throughout our conversation, I delve into the transformative impact of these AI tools on our marketing strategies. From generating comprehensive reports to boosting conversion rates, these tools have proven to be invaluable assets in our arsenal.

In today's digital landscape, capturing and retaining attention is paramount. I discuss how our company is at the forefront of crafting content that not only captivates but also "hijacks" attention in an age of endless distractions.

Yet, despite the undeniable benefits, I acknowledge the challenges we face in convincing clients of the importance of consistent content creation. Educating them about the long-term value of ongoing marketing efforts is key, and it's a task we undertake with zeal and determination.

Ultimately, our approach at Moji Cinema is rooted in delivering tangible results and a robust return on investment for our clients. Join me as I unpack the nuances of our journey and the strategies that drive our success in the dynamic world of video production and marketing.