Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?

Here at Moji Cinema we like to think of digital storytelling as a tool that helps us in our role telling a compelling story. Digital storytelling helps bring together all the best tools, ideas, practices and concepts to help build out the strongest and most compelling narrative story possible. Along with the combination of oral traditions, found artifacts and interviews, digital storytelling is a new way to tell everyday folks story. These stories commonly present emotionally-charged ideas and help to explain a story in a new fashion.

An Interactive Experience

Digital storytelling is seen in commercial, non-profit, editorial and documentary works. These interactive pieces are used to describe a business, market a campaign, or preserve a legacy that is coming to an end. With a narrative that is woven throughout the whole piece, we try to engage the viewer by the strongest audio and visual way possible.

Connecting with the Viewer

By connecting to our audience as we lead with people, we are sure to connect at the highest level. When it comes down to it, people resonate with people most and for us at Moji Cinema, this is how we approach digital storytelling. We build a strong relationship with our Heart (the main character in each of our films) and make the process of telling the story as collaborative as possible. We like to all get everyone on the same level and know the story before we start filming. We spend a great deal of time doing research, being curious of the story and talking to as many people as possible before we make a plan to film. One of our quotes we like to live by is, “when you try to say too much, you don’t say anything at all.”

Modern Day Meets Digital Storytelling

The use of digital storytelling in our films can be boiled down to an understanding of the story we are trying to tell, knowing the expectations of the client and of the project, and using the technology and gear that will help elevate the story. We do not just fly a drone because it’s cool and fun. We are not obsessed with gear and hype - we are obsessed with compelling stories and complex characters. At Moji Cinema we only use the digital storytelling tools that fit the story.


If you are looking for a digital storyteller, Moji Cinema is your premier video production studio.