Documentary Filmmaker

A good story that touches the heart to move the mind is the job of the documentary filmmaker.

What Does a Documentary Filmmaker Do?

A good story that touches the heart to move the mind is the job of the documentary filmmaker. Here at Moji Cinema, we like to take a different approach to your story than traditional filmmaking. We use documentary filmmaking to build trust with our subjects, our audience and highlight the everyday people that are doing extraordinary things. In our minds, these stories deserve much better coverage and story construction than is currently available. Utilizing traditional filmmaking techniques, oral tradition of the retelling of events, and digital storytelling we set the stage to tell the most compelling story possible.

Content is King

Simply put, we are a band of filmmakers that are intrigued by amazing people and unique stories. It is in our blood. It is what we dream about all day, obsess over and it drives every decision of ours during the process. We approach documentaries with a "Story First" mindset, ensuring we are all thinking of the story more than what fancy camera we are going to use or what drone shot we want. Documentaries that are successful lead with people. Content trumps cinematography in each story we tell. If there is no story, then the audience will zone out and quit watching. If we are to be good documentary filmmakers and do good on our stories and our subject, then we must always lead with a "Story First" mindset. Then after the story is told, we go back and film what is relevant to the story we are telling. This allows us to focus our time only on the components that are important.

Suggested Works

Stories have been around since the beginning of time. A suggested read that helps bring clarity to stories, myths, religious excerpts and ultimately, documentaries and journalism is The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. He was a pioneer of storytelling, as well as a wizard in comparative mythology and comparative religion. When thinking of documentaries and stories that have changed the world, Moji Cinema goes back to his work and uses it to interpret, guide and evaluate our work. One can say then that an extraordinary story sweeps the viewer off its feet, sends them spinning and ultimately leaves us changed.


If you are looking for a documentary filmmaker, Moji Cinema is your premiere video production studio.