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Our Creative Process for Fundraising Videos in Albuquerque

A fundraising video is an incredibly powerful way for your non-profit organization to tell the story of how you directly make an impact on society. It must spread awareness about an important issue or cause that demands attention. A successful fundraising video will create a call to action to raise support for your mission and inspire audiences to take immediate action.

Our team in Albuquerque often finds that the best way to create powerful fundraising videos is to tell the story of an individual who has been deeply affected by a problem that your organization exists to solve. In some cases, this may be a homeless drug addict that has been given a second chance at life, or a single mother struggling to make ends meet that has been given financial support. 

Here is a story we recently told of a young child of incarcerated parents who was taken in by Wings for Life International and rehabilitated in order to lead a more normal life. 

Living With Incarcerated Parents - Wings For Life International

Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that your organization tells an emotionally captivating story so that audiences feel compelled to get involved. It’s one thing to inform people of the statistics of a particular issue, but it is much more poignant when we hear about it directly from someone who has been affected. After all, facts tell but story sells! 

That’s where we come in! As Albuquerque’s premier video production company, we understand what makes a story enthralling, and we are specialists in communicating that in a powerful way. We must get to the heart of what problem your organization solves and communicate why that is so important. 

How We Create Fundraising Videos in Albuquerque that Resonate

This process begins by identifying an individual that will best articulate exactly how your organization has helped them. This person will be the heart of your story. We want audiences to feel the immense pressure this individual was under and the remarkable relief they experienced after working with your organization. We understand that these are often very sensitive subject matters and have been trained to show full compassion when interviewing these individuals.

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After the interviews are complete, we will put together an audio-only version of the story, which will be sent electronically to all key decision makers for review. After all feedback has been given, we will collaborate and identify what additional visuals will comprise the film. Then, we will schedule an additional day/s of filming to capture the visuals that will round out the rest of the film.

Our Fundraising videos spread awareness about your non-profit organization and inspire customers
Video Production Company Albuquerque

Next, full service post-production will begin. We will work our magic in the editing room and send you a rough cut to be reviewed by all key decision makers. After all feedback has been given, we will finalize your fundraising video and send you a 4K high resolution video file to implement into your website, e-mail campaigns, and social media platforms.

Fundraising videos are an incredibly powerful way to spread awareness about your non-profit organization and inspire action for years to come. Schedule a meeting today to learn more about our Albuquerque Fundraising Videos.

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